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Why Look @ Facebook?

  • 2.20 Billion Users Globally
  • 1.74 Billion Mobile Users
  • 1.45 Billion Daily Users
  • 1.50 Billion Mobile Daily Active Users
  • 5 New Profiles Created Every Second
  • 300 Million Photo Uploads a Day
  • 20 Minutes – Average Time Spent per Session
  • 40 Minutes Per Day on Average
  • 4.75 Billion Pieces of Content Shared Daily
  • 50% of 18-24 Year-olds open Facebook on Waking Up
  • One in Five Page Views are on Face
  • 70 Million Business Pages

Apart from the stats, The Reason Is Simple - You have to be where your client's attention is, and all our clients attentions are on their mobiles and a very large part of that time is on Facebook.

The Malnor Digital Strategy

Malnor has been in the publishing and advertising space for over 40 years. In all this time, one marketing strategy has always proved more effective than any other for our clients. - FRONT OF MIND BRANDING

Front of Mind Branding simply means building your brand into the preferred provider  status. In other words, when your client is ready to buy they will choose your brand without having an add in front of them. This is of course a long term strategy but social marketing allows us greater leverage for much faster and on route results.

We wanted to implement this winning strategy when we decided to incorporate digital marketing into our offerings to our clients. It very quickly became clear that the most powerful platform for this strategy was Facebook.

One of the most important determining factors for our decision was the amount of time your offering can be in front of your clients. Clients spend on average 40 minutes a day on Facebook. This means that EVERY DAY, for at least 40 minutes, we can have your brand in front of your clients.

This is extremely powerful front of mind branding for a fraction of the cost.

What About Google? 

Google is a great platform for search, and it does a good enough job for digital marketing. However you have to land on the first page to be noticed right. For instance, one of our clients deals in home exercise. It is a huge market making it a huge challenge to find a keyword that does not have so much competition that it becomes too expensive to use, and on the other side is still relevant enough to drive good quality targeted traffic to their website. Keywords research, SEO, Content is King, We've heard all the catchphrases.

This kind of digital marketing was true in the past when we had limited options, and definitely before business realized the power of the social business model. Social is where our clients are at. It is in social that we have to find them and engage with them on a social level. The new business mind is not dressed in a suit and a tie, but in hashtags and shares. We have to meet our clients where they are at. 

We chose to specialize in social marketing because we can place your ad in front of your clients and have their attention for the time they spend on YOUR add without being surrounded by any of your competition. Cost per acquisition was another factor that prompted the social route. We can acquire clients for a much lower budget than would be needed for Search Engine Advertising, and more importantly, it is a powerful tool to use to drive our front of mind strategy for our clients.

Please we are not saying that Google does not work, we are simply saying that we chose  to specialize in social business marketing and we are able to generate similar and better results for a much better cost per acquisition. We see the trend of social business growing exponentially and we believe our clients should have the means to be at the forefront of this expansion.

We Are Ready To Help You Grow Your Social Footprint

The Test Campaign For Isometonics:

 Facebook campaigns are powerful and flexible.

The below stats are from a split test campaign we ran for Isometonics.

Please note:

  1. The amount spent for the test : R 71.00
  2. The number of impressions (times in front of audience) - 7936
  3. The number of landing page views - 100


 Test Campaign For Woodworking:

Running split tests helps us determine which ads performs best.

The below stats are from a split test campaign we ran for Woodworking plans.

Please note:

  1. The amount spent for the test : R 99.15
  2. The number of impressions (times in front of audience) - 4667
  3. The number of link clicks - 457


NB: we use test campaigns to build a winning strategy for your brand. 

Once split testing is done, we launch the winning campaign with all the digital power social has to offer. Split testing allows us to make sure that the ad campaign we finally launch, will give you the best results.

Note: Due to confidentiality agreements we cannot showcase our clients full campaign results

Facebook - A Powerful Digital Strategy?

Facebook users are targeted based on interests, connections, Specialists followed and what they read. This gives us the ability to choose a specific audience and have your offering in front of a highly targeted market segment. Keeping your brand front of mind with great offers, and interesting concepts, your brand will be in front of your audience when they are ready to make a purchase. 

Being in front of your audience on Facebook makes it extremely easy for your audience to share your brand with their friends whom they believe would be interested in your offering. With powerful re-branding strategies, we can truly expand your reach in your specific market.

In our 40 years of helping our clients reach their market through advertising and marketing campaigns in print publications, we have never seen a platform as versatile and powerful as Facebook to implement a front of mind branding campaign. The drill down capabilities into respective markets and the ability focus on specifics for each campaign we initiate is incredible.

With all of the options for market research and social advertising, Facebook has become the marketing instrument of the modern world. Business has become social, and we can help you get on board.





The process:

  • We do a detailed analysis of your client, then we design an add campaign to bring your service in front of those clients only.
  • From this campaign we create an interested audience through page likes and website visits.
  • We use this audience with our front of mind strategy to generate leads that are pre-qualified.
  • Through a structured sales funnel you convert these leads into first time buyers.
  • Keeping your brand front of mind to leads and first time buyers, creates loyal customer that will help build your brand.

The absolute key to our success is ongoing front of mind branding that gives you a ready stream of audiences and qualified leads. Your sales funnel, sales team and  strong customer service, will create your loyal customers.



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